Solar Power

The sun is an inexhaustible energy source. The companies of Emerson Industrial Automation are playing a leading role in harnessing the power of the sun to help conserve fossil fuels, reduce pollution and lower the total cost of doing business and living in an increasingly energy-hungry world.

Control Techniques provides high efficiency power conversion equipment to deliver grid-ready AC power in photovoltaic energy systems. Each day, worldwide, the company produces 12 MW of total electrical capacity in cost-effective, modular power inverters that deliver market-leading reliability and efficiency. Control Techniques also offers motors, gearboxes and intelligent software that allows photovoltaic solar panels to track the sun throughout the day. Click here to learn how Control Techniques can offer a complete solution for monitoring and control of photovoltaic systems, including asset management and solar tracking.

Emerson can offer a complete Solar PV E-house including inverter, transformer and switchgear. SPV systems are a range of transformerless central inverters for PV installations from 145kWp to 1.76MWp. Each inverter is constructed using multiple standard 145kWp or 175kW modules.

For more than 35 years, Leroy-Somer has specialized in power control and conversion systems for the photovoltaic power industry, with energy conversion solutions ranging in capacity from 70 kWc to 1750 kWc. Intelligent Inverter Management technology maximizes energy efficiency and inverter reliability, while optimizing energy output even in low light conditions. Leroy-Somer also offers drive systems for solar tracking, with the reliability that comes from over 50 years of experience designing products for the harshest environments.

ASCO Numatics makes products used in the manufacturing of high-efficiency solar panels, and Branson Ultrasonics provides the ultrasonic technology used to adhere the film on solar panels for a durable product with minimal energy loss. And when you consider wind, hydroelectric, tidal power and energy-conservation technologies, nearly every company in the Emerson Industrial Automation family plays a role in creating a more sustainable world—and a more robust market for sustainable energy industries.

Emerson Solar Energy

Control Techniques Grid Tie Inverters

Control Techniques Grid Tie Inverters
Modules are controlled by Intelligent Inverter Management (IIM) system to maximize energy yield by controlling the active and standby status of each inverter module.

Photovoltaic Solar Field
Emerson wins contract to provide inverters and plant-wide controls for California photovoltaic facility.