Pulp and Paper Industry Solutions

Technology to boost productivity, lower costs and increase quality in the pulp and paper industry

The so-called “paperless office” uses more paper than ever before. The packaging industry is booming. Globalized shipping consumes endless amounts of corrugated fiberboard. Everyday products that most of us take for granted—but could scarcely live without—depend on a strong pulp and paper industry. Emerson Industrial Automation provides technology that helps boost productivity, lower costs and increase quality to meet the incessant demand for one of the world’s most basic, most useful commodities.


ASCO Numatics supplies proportional electronic regulators and valves used for controlling the tension of steam rollers used in drying paper. In order to create a consistent product and avoid the downtime of a torn web, these rollers have to be controlled very precisely, and paper manufacturers count on ASCO Numatics reliability to avoid expensive downtime. ASCO Numatics pilot valves also regulate the process valves that control the flow of steam generated by burning waste products, which is used not only for papermaking but also to generate electricity to run the plant and to sell back to the commercial power grid.


Control Techniques and Leroy-Somer also play a role in the all-important drying process, supplying variable speed drives and motors that control the large fans used in the industry. In addition to dryers, fans are used in conjunction with power boilers, recovery boilers, lime kilns and dissolving tanks. The corrosion-resistance of Control Techniques and Leroy-Somer solutions ensures long-term reliability in these applications, and the variable-speed capabilities provide substantial energy savings along with precise automatic control.

Appleton and O-Z/Gedney brands supply the corrosion-resistant and explosionproof lighting and electrical products required for safe operation in the industry’s harsh production environments. Branson Ultrasonics is currently involved in research and development for new cost- and time-saving technologies to remove water more efficiently during the pulp rolling/pressing process.

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Sentronic Plus

3-way proportional electronic regulator for applications with dynamic pressure requirements.