Metal Industry Solutions

We are committed to increasing the quality, plant output and yield of the metal production industry.

From the Bronze Age to the present, advancements in metals have driven cultural and technological progress. Today, the success of entire industries depends on the consistent availability of finished metals of the highest quality. To satisfy the demand, production equipment must deliver reliable power, precision, repeatability and performance. At Emerson Industrial Automation, meeting and exceeding these requirements is our ironclad commitment.


ASCO Numatics provides valves used to control the equipment that removes excess heat from basic oxygen steelmaking furnaces. These highly reliable solenoid valves are designed to withstand the heat and harsh environment of the steel refinery. ASCO Numatics valves also control the rollers that are used to extrude wire or press sheet metal from steel billets.

Process Efficiency and Speed

Control Techniques drive systems and Leroy-Somer motors are helping to enhance finish quality, plant productivity and yield in metal casting, forming and processing facilities around the world. Typical applications include master reference control, automatic gauge control of multi stand rolling mills, redundancy for critical processes, and condition monitoring for efficient maintenance of production equipment. Typical results include a 30% increase in the strand speed of a continuous caster and a 70% decrease in energy consumption for a 35 ton blanking press. Recognized for stellar performance in harsh and hazardous environments, Control Techniques and Leroy-Somer solutions are driving new levels of quality and efficiency throughout the metals industry—from raw materials to final finishing.

Metal Joining and Cleaning

Once finished components are ready for assembly, manufacturers turn to Branson Ultrasonics for the industry’s leading ultrasonic metal joining solutions. Ideally suited for special purpose welds in automotive, battery, refrigeration, electrical, medical and appliance applications, ultrasonic welds are fast, clean, precise and more reliable than alternative joining methods in many applications.

Lighting & Electrical for Hazardous Environments

Because corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures and hazardous atmospheres are found throughout the metals industry, Appleton Group is the preferred choice for safe, reliable lighting and electrical service. Mercmaster™ III lighting, SolaHD power supply and quality solutions, and Powertite® plugs are just a few of the trusted Appleton Group brands found wherever conditions are harsh and failure is not an option.

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Control Techniques
Unidrive SP
High power modular AC drive.
Appleton Powertite® Plugs

Powertite Plugs
Supplies power to portable and fixed electrical equipment.

Appleton Powertite® Plugs