Whether it’s a morning cup of coffee, a soda or juice with lunch, or a glass of wine or beer as part of the evening’s entertainment, everyone has their favorite beverage choices. And the expect their favorites to be delivered with absolute quality and consistency, every time. That’s why there’s no room for error in beverage manufacturing and bottling.


To use beer as an example, everything must be tightly controlled from correctly measuring the ingredients that go into the mash tun, to regulating the temperature of the fermentation process, to accurately capping hundreds of bottles per minute. ASCO Numatics makes sanitary two-way solenoid valves for handling water and other types of liquid, 3 and 4-way solenoid pilot valves for controlling larger process valves and steam valves used in sanitizing equipment and for a variety of other processes.


Reliability is key. On a blow molding machine that manufactures plastic coffee containers, a competitor’s valves were failing by the hundreds every few weeks, causing expensive downtime and maintenance. After replacing those valves with ASCO Numatics valves, the company hasn’t had a single failure in a year and still counting.

Leroy-Somer offers motors, gearboxes and pumps designed to withstand the washdown requirements and corrosive conditions often found in beverage manufacturing and bottling. If you’re drinking from an orange juice container or single-serving beverage pouch, chances are it was assembled using ultrasonics welding technology from Branson Ultrasonics.


Wherever safe, dependable lighting and electrical equipment is needed in the harshest industrial environments, you’ll find Appleton Group on the nameplate. Powertite® plugs and receptacles,SolaHD power supply and quality solutions, Mercmaster™ III lighting and other Appleton Group brands set the standard for corrosion resistance, safety in hazardous locations and selection to meet any requirement. While other solution suppliers focus on ordinary environments, Appleton Group recognizes that the beverage industry has extraordinary needs. And extraordinary solutions are our stock in trade, across all the companies of Emerson Industrial Automation.

G3 Fieldbus
Easy to use graphic display for configuration & diagnostics

Mercmaster LED
Appleton's superior LED fixture.