Automotive Industry Solutions

The automotive industry is one the prime movers of the economy, and the brands of Emerson Industrial Automation provide solutions to turbocharge automaker productivity.

Welding and Joining Solutions

Welding, cleaning and joining solutions from Branson Ultrasonics play a major role on the manufacturing line. They’re used to assemble battery casings for electric and hybrid vehicles, to join plastic for tail lamp assemblies and interior trim, and to weld metal throughout the vehicle. From vibration welding for larger applications such as car bumpers to ultrasonic welding for a clean appearance even on the smallest plastic joints, Branson Ultrasonics does it all.

Test Machinery

Control Techniques builds the gearbox test units, transmission test units and generators used in automotive test machinery. These test units are essential in the design and prototype stage for new car models, as well as at the end of the production line to assure the quality of vehicles headed for market. Control Techniques also makes motors, drives, welding units and other essential equipment for the production line.

Fluid Power and Control

ASCO Numatics provides the industry’s best value in pneumatic automation solutions for automotive and tire applications. From fluid, pneumatic, and motion control components to total solution sets, ASCO Numatics is the top choice for plant automation. Expect unmatched performance everywhere, from the output of the compressor to the powertrain gripper cylinder, and from the end effector vacuum cup picking up a roofline panel to the actuator working the tire extruder.

Drive Mechanisms for the Whole Automotive Process

Throughout the manufacturing process for a vehicle, from steel blanking to positioning, passing through robotic tools, spray booths and drying cabinets before arriving at the test benches and assembly and machining workshops, all LEROY-SOMER drive mechanisms, motors, brake motors, geared motors and variable speed solutions comply with the requirements of the process.

Power Quality

SolaHD power supply and power quality products provide the clean, reliable power to keep machines, conveyors and assembly lines moving. Examples include SCP-X power supplies for use in extreme industrial environments, next-generation SDN-C™ compact DIN Rail power supplies for a wide variety of machine control applications. MCR power conditioners help protect heavy equipment from damage and malfunction, while CVS​ power conditioners provide even tighter voltage regulation to protect the most sensitive instruments and PLCs.

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G3 Fieldbus
Easy to use graphic display for configuration & diagnostics

Branson Series 40
Semi automatic ultrasonic plastics assembly platform.

Control Techniques
Unidrive SP
A modular and powerful AC drive