No other industry is as broad and diverse as food manufacturing. But there’s one thing meat processors and bakers, salad packagers and confectioners, sugar refiners and cheese makers can all agree on. That’s the unrelenting demand for product quality. When people will be consuming your products, only the best will do.

That’s why you’ll find ASCO valves in manufacturing machines and commercial equipment across virtually every segment of the food industry, including gas valves for commercial ovens, fluid automation solutions for commercial kitchens and much more. Renowned for durability and reliability, ASCO Numatics solutions help keep processes up and running in the most challenging production environments.

Drive systems in the food industry have to cope with frequent, high-pressure cleaning, high humidity and harsh chemicals while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene, reliability and safety. Leroy-Somer provides a complete line of motors, gearboxes, pumps and other solutions, with options suited for normal locations as well as the harshest industrial environments. From product mixing and processing to final handling, you’ll find safe, reliable Leroy-Somer systems driving the machines that drive the food business.

Control Techniques has a broad presence across the industry. For example, its variable speed drives provide precise portion control, assembly and packaging for Europe’s largest ice cream plant. Its AC drives are used for automatic rotation and brine-washing of cheeses during the maturation process, as well as for precisely portioning blocks of cheese that can weigh as much as 85kg. And Control Techniques drives are being used in systems that clean beets for sugar production, boost production speed for packaged fried-noodle snacks, control pellet size for animal feed, and many other applications.

Branson Ultrasonics supplies the high-tech ultrasonic blades used to cut candy bars, cheeses and other sticky foods with a clean edge and without accumulating food residue on the cutting tool. The company also provides ultrasonic sealing solutions that are widely preferred throughout the food packaging industry for their ability to produce an attractive, reliable seal even with reclaimed packaging materials or when the sealing area is exposed to product residue.

All manufacturing depends on electricity, but the corrosive environments and washdown requirements found throughout the food industry call for highly specialized electrical products. Appleton Group meets the most demanding requirements from the service entrance, to the distribution equipment, to the point of use. Mercmaster™ III lighting, SolaHD power supply and quality solutions, Powertite® plugs and receptacles, and more—you’ll find Appleton Group wherever industrial conditions require the highest standards of reliability and safety.

Branson 2000X Series
Ultrasonic plasic welding assembly systems.

Control Techniques
Unidrive SP
Advanced configurable AC variable speed drive.

ASCO 8214
Shut-Off Valve
Internal pilot operated shutoff valves provide on-off control of fuel gas.