Connectors and Terminators

For Armored and Metal Clad Cable.

For many applications, armored and metal clad cables provide simpler, more cost effective installation than traditional non-armored cable in conduit. Cable manufacturers have developed many new types of armored and metal clad cable to meet the increasing demand, creating a need for innovative connection solutions to accommodate the wide range of cable types and sizes on the market today. From simple twist-on connectors to watertight gland type connectors, compound type connectors, cable supports and more, O-Z/Gedney is the only source you need to connect and terminate any type of armored or metal clad cable, in any application.

O-Z Gedney Type APK cast aluminum angle adapter terminates armored and metal clad cable at a 45° angle to cabinet surfaces
O-Z Gedney Type BPK mounting brackets mount cable terminators in switchgear, controller cabinets or on walls and structures. They can also be used for cable risers on utility poles
O-Z Gedney Type PG and PG-A connectors for jacketed metal clad cable are gland type connectors used to terminate and ground the armor and to secure and seal the cable entrance into a cabinet or terminal box
O-Z Gedney PK and PK-A connectors are used with any type of non-jacketed metal clad cable to terminate. They accommodate a wide range of cable armor diameters to ground the armor and secure the cable where it enters a cabinet
O-Z Gedney PKG gland type cable connectors are used for metal clad cable that has a waterproof jacket under the armor and fillers between conductors. They are used to terminate and ground the armor and to secure and seal the cable entrance
Special space requirements, special material requirements, special field conditions, special cable construction, O-Z Gedney help’s customers solve difficult application problems. If you cannot find a fitting in our catalog that meets your needs…
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