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From its pioneering days in the development of ultrasonic welding, Branson has been applying the benefits of this superior technology to metal welding and an ever-expanding range of applications. Clean, fast and cost-effective Branson systems produce highly stable, better quality bonds able to stand up to the harshest environmental conditions and meet the most critical performance needs.

Branson’s ultrasonic metal welding provides a sound solution, superior performance, improved throughput and reduced maintenance.
Manufacture in a single location? Design in Europe or the Americas with production in Asia? Branson works closely with you through every stage of a project, including consultation, design, material feasibility, prototype development, product testing and final production.
We team with integrators and manufacturers, developing OEM equipment that can be installed seamlessly and integrated into automated systems. Our support services include employee training, engineering assistance, creating new/modified parts, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and repair.
Branson can successfully meet your metal welding challenge with our application experience, technical expertise and responsive service.
Branson sealing systems are designed to be mounted as a station on virtually all types of filling machines, whether in-line or rotary.
Ultraseam equipment provides a continuous-feed welding process with no limits to material length or width.
Ultrasplice systems ensure precision splicing of non-ferrous wires in a wide range of sizes.
Branson Ultraweld systems are extremely robust machines designed to handle a range of non-ferrous welding applications, including precise welding of smaller gauge metals and delicate assemblies.
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