Automotive manufacturers need quick, reliable solutions for welding batteries and harnesses, sealing tubes, cleaning engine and brake parts, welding plastic bumpers, assembling interior plastic components and more. Branson offers industry-leading automotive parts cleaners, an advanced vibration welding process for solderless joining of metals, and automotive welding solutions for joining all types of plastic parts.

Choosing and configuring the right solution for your needs can help you lower costs, speed production and deliver the highest quality. Take advantage of our Application Assistance program and get the cleaning, joining and welding expertise you need – at no additional charge.

Plastic Joining
From welding plastic bumpers, to sealing tail light assemblies, to assembling dashboards and consoles, our vibration welding process creates consistent, practically invisible welds in seconds. Vibration welding requires no solvents, adhesives or fasteners, and is suitable for automotive welding of large and irregularly shaped parts. We also offer ultrasonic, laser, spin and hot plate welding solutions.

Metal Welding
Branson’s vibration welding process offers a fast, reliable method for harness terminal welding, wire splicing, battery welding, tube sealing and many other automotive welding applications. Even dissimilar metals can be bonded with no need to pre-clean parts or apply solder. We offer a complete line of vibration welding products for spot welding, wire splicing and termination, continuous seam welding, tube sealing and other automotive welding requirements.

Precision Cleaning
Our automotive parts cleaners deliver superior results for all your precision cleaning requirements. Choose Branson for cleaning brake parts, engine parts and more – virtually any component that needs to have all traces of oil, grease, dust or other contaminants removed before assembly. We offer industrial and bench-top automotive parts cleaners, with solvent and aqueous options suitable for ultrasonic cleaning of everything from aluminum engine parts, to circuit boards, to air bag filters.

Metal Welding Precision Cleaning
Wire splicing of wiring harnesses Ultrasplice 40
Ultraseal 20
Metal Tube sealing