There is no room for compromise when building and maintaining high-performance aircrafts. Branson offers an industry-leading ultrasonic welding process for solderless assembly of cables, wiring harnesses and other electrical components as well as aluminum, titanium and other metal parts. We also provide a variety of plastic joining technologies to ensure a clean, complete joint without glues or solvents. And our ultrasonic industrial parts washers are ideal for precision cleaning of airfoils, turbine blades and more.

We’ll help you choose and configure the right ultrasonic welding process or industrial parts washer for your specific application. Collaborate with Branson experts through our Application Assistance program to get the optimum solution – at no additional charge.

Metal Welding
Branson’s ultrasonic welding process enables quick and reliable assembly of cables, circuits and wiring harnesses – with no solder required. Spot weld aluminum and even join dissimilar metals with a reliable mechanical bond that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with other methods. Our ultrasonic welding process even eliminates the need to remove oxides and contaminants prior to bonding – saving time and labor while ensuring a complete, dependable bond.

Precision Cleaning
Our industrial parts washers provide fast, thorough precision cleaning for everything from fuel nozzles and bearings to larger aircraft components such as airfoils and turbine blades. We offer solvent and aqueous solutions in the size you need – benchtop to industrial-scale – along with complimentary Application Assistance expertise to help you put the right system to work for your particular cleaning requirements and working environment.

Metal Welding Precision Cleaning
Wire splicing of wiring harnesses Ultraseal 20
Ultrasplice 40
Metal Tube sealing
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