Machine Availability

Uptime is profitable time. Machines that are built on sound engineering, using the highest quality components and backed by responsive support, are machines that run faster and more reliably, with less downtime for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Quality Engineered Design

To ensure machine and end-product quality, Branson Ultrasonics tests its welding and sealing products to 10 million cycles. Uninterruptible power supplies and power quality components protect machines against power outages, sags and spikes. An entire division in the company is devoted to making sure your machine is built right for your needs, while a global services and support organization helps keep it up and running.

System Monitors

Control Techniques understands that the best way to avoid downtime is to catch and fix issues before they become problems. For example, the Intelligent Pump Control system monitors the performance of variable-frequency drives to detect when a wastewater pump is about to become blocked. And Control Techniques’ modular solutions make it easy to swap out drives or to engineer redundancy into the system for maximum uptime.

Like these three companies, Appleton Group, ASCO Numatics and SSB Wind Systems are all devoted to the quality and reliability of their products. All the companies of Emerson Industrial Automation back up their products with supply chains and support organizations devoted to keeping your operations productive, day after day, year after year.