STV 200-400K Three Phase Surge Protective Devices

Facility Wide Protection. Install at Service Entrance, Distribution Panel or Branch Panel.

STV 200/400K Series surge protectors offer continuous protection from damaging voltage transients and electrical noise commonly found at the service entrance or distribution panel. The modular design allows for installation flexibility, while the robust construction stands up to even the most severe conditions.

These surge protectors feature innovative circuitry that monitors the status of all protection modes, including neutral to ground. Green and red LEDs indicate protection status. High isolation form C dry contacts provide for remote monitoring of suppression system failure under voltage, phase and power loss. Suppression integrity monitoring indicates failure for both shorted or opened suppression components.

STV 200/400K Three Phase Surge Protective Devices Catalog Pages

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  • Industrial plants
  • Commercial buildings
  • Institutional facilities
  • Any company that requires facility wide protection for electronic equipment


STV 200-400K Three Phase Surge Protective Devices