Drive your career with Control Techniques

Control Techniques is a successful global engineering company. The firm's global HQ and main factory is in the UK, while subsidiary sites are located in Romania, China, India and the US. Meanwhile, sales offices are maintained globally.

Control Techniques regularly has job opportunities in all business areas including:

  • Sales and business developments
    • worldwide

  • Electronic, mechanical and software design engineers 
    • Newtown and Shrewsbury, UK 
    • Oradea,  Romania
    • Shenzen and Shanghai, China
    • Pune and Chennai, India
    • Eden Prairie, USA 
  • Production line operators 
    • Newtown, UK
    • Oradea, Romania
    • Shenzen, China
  • Operations, manufacturing, facilities, supply chain, procurement and logistics 
    • Newtown, UK
    • Oradea, Romania
  • Finance, marketing, customer services and human resources 
    • Newtown, UK
    • Oradea, Romania

The firm is also always recruiting for skilled technical sales personnel in most countries round the world.

Jobs at Control Techniques offer locally competitive salary and benefits packages and international career opportunities. The company also has a strong focus on employee development, and regularly funds employees through work related training such as electronic engineering and business degrees.