Offshore Solutions

Breaving the sea is one of the most natural things in the world... least if you’re a seagull. Operating a wind turbine offshore, on the other hand, demands a healthy respect for the sea’s harsh conditions and, above all, lots of experience. SSB Wind Systems has a track record of both. As one of the pioneers in offshore wind energy we have learned to approach each task with the necessary respect. As a result, we are able to fulfil these tasks with a high degree of reliability.

From nature inspired to innovator of offshore wind energy.
We continually adjust our technology to optimally adapt to the environment –
a goal the seagull has long since achieved. That’s why all our pitch systems
as well as our switch and control cabinets have been specially designed for
offshore use with a high degree of reliability even under extreme conditions,
for example...

 … electronically and
electrotechnically with:
 … mechanically with:
 • Early fault detection systems
• Electronic controls
• Battery charging technology
• Additional sensors
• Control voltage supply
 • Specially selected stainless steels
• Special support structures
• Optimal anti-corrosion protection

Your benefits due to the
redundant design of our
• Increased availability
• Higher failure protection
• Decreased technical servicing