Switch and Control Cabinets

Custom work that sets new standards:
Our switch and control cabinets.

Every switch and control cabinet is equipped with something very unique: The special requirements demanded by a customer for a highly individual WTG. There’s good reason why we are always striving to set new standards in planning, development and production. At the end of the day, there is always a particularly high standard which has to be reached: Yours.

Expectations of a very special nature: Custom solutions.
Happiness knows no bounds: Our mobile boxes
Brimming with ideas: Our Top and Tower Boxes.

We do everything.
Everything is a good key word. After all, we produce every conceivable type of cabinet: From top and tower boxes, to axis and control cabinets, as well as custom solutions. This could also include mobile operating and testing boxes or completely individual requests. If you can imagine it, we can produce it!

This is how everything is done.
Larger than two international soccer fields. That’s about the size of our 162,000 ft² Salzbergen production facility in the German region of Emsland. This is the site of our assembly line production of all cabinet models. To ensure that every cabinet we produce exactly meets your plans and expectations every prototype is carefully pre-tested before starting series production.

Functionality tests under full load conditions are also possible as are test drives under near exact WTG conditions. Be it a simulation test of the rotary movement of the nacelle, or the testing of the complete pitch system in our climatic chamber under climatic conditions ranging from -40 °F to approx. +140 °F.