Operations Services

It goes on and on and on:
Our start-up operations service.

Triple redundancy: That is a key safety element of every SSB Wind Systems pitch system. It is also the minimum requirement for our handling of the system for your start-up operations. You’ll see: The way to a perfect pitch system is not long, just consequent. Our goal is not just that your system runs: We want it to run three times better than normal

First step:
We ensure that things run really well on-site.
We’re always happy to see you. Even more so if you’ve brought your SPS. Then we can run a first functions test of your system together in our facility. The target values can be simulated and performed. This includes, for example, the cabinet temperatures, but also performance capabilities and load cycles. Does the communication and data exchange between components function correctly? This is also tested in the first step.

Second step:
We ensure that things run even better on-site.
Even in the second step we don’t need a tower or rotarblades. Otherwise your WTG would already be installed. Instead we first check the interplay between all sensors and the actual performance of the whole system in a functions test. Additionally, we look closely at the mechanics, for example, of the pitch bearings.

Third step:
We ensure that your WTG runs perfectly on-site.
The last step in the construction process takes place directly at the location of your WTG. The complete wind turbine has been erected, the pitch system is fully operational. We now support you with all aspects of your start-up operations so that everything runs seamlessly according to your expectations and ours. At this point we have only to optimize and finetune your system settings.

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