Morse Raider Plus Worm Gearing

Raider® Plus worm gear reducers represent the most flexible worm gear product in the Emerson portfolio. With a large variety of add-on accessories, the Raider Plus line of worm gear reducers is a problem solver. Four unit styles form the basis of this vast product offering. These are the universal style (“U”-style, shaft input) with an output shaft, the c-face style (“Q”-style, input quill) with an output shaft and both the “U” and “Q” styles with hollow outputs. The Raider Plus worm gear reducer is designed as an industry interchange and as such is dimensionally interchangeable with the major industry competitors.

The Raider Plus product line features a center distance range from 1.0" to 6.0" with ratios from 5:1 to 3600:1. It also contains an output torque range from 82 to 22,415 ft-lbs. Additionally, the line is an industry leader due to its patented design technology and manufacturing techniques. The product features are:

  1. Constructed of rugged cast iron housings
  2. Tapered roller bearings on output shafts – maximum reducer performance
  3. Input bearing on the “Q” style reducer – reduces wear/fatigue on input seal, maximizes seal life
  4. Computerized gear centering – optimizes gear mesh decreasing heat and debris
  5. Patented roll-burnished seal journal finish – extends life of seal
  6. Non-metallic quill liner – eases motor removal
  7. Factory-filled (1.0" C.D. to 3.75" C.D.) with polyglycol synthetic lubricant - enhances rating, reduces thermal rise, is FDA approved
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Four major product offerings:

  • “U”- style with shaft output
  • “Q”- style with shaft output
  • “U”- style with hollow output
  • "Q”- style with hollow output

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