Coupling Grease

Coupling grease, unlike bearing or general purpose grease, must withstand the centrifugal forces created by a rotating coupling. Coupling greases for use with Kop-Flex® brand couplings are specifically formulated to resist the high centrifugal force associated with all applications, including slow motor speeds. These forces can cause the all important base oil to separate lithium-based thickeners.

KHP and KSG greases uses polyethylene thickeners, with a density closer to that of oil, and are therefore much less susceptible to separation. Heavier thickeners and additives can separate and migrate into the gear teeth or other working parts, displacing the lubricating oils from where they are most needed.

Waverly Torque Lube-A was developed to solve the special lubrication problems of relatively low speed, highly loaded gear spindle couplings used extensively in metal rolling mills.

KHP has both exceptional lubricating and high operating temperature properties. As a general rule, if the coupling is balanced or if very long periods of operation are desired, use KHP.
KSG is excellent for standard and routinely serviced couplings operating at normal motor speeds. KSG was developed specifically as a coupling lubricant.
Waverly Torque Lube-A is a special purpose grease for relatively slow speed, highly loaded mill spindle couplings. It is not intended for use in other types of couplings.