System Plast Enclosures/Guard Systems

Valu Guard™ protective enclosures help keep material contained within the machine area, protect product from debris contamination, or can be used to prevent people or items from accidentally entering the machine’s operating space.  These high quality guarding systems can also enhance the appearance of the equipment.

Our Valu Guard™ systems are comprised of either aluminum or stainless steel framing with protective mesh screens, or polycarbonate sheeting. These protective systems are based on the concept that with a pre-engineered system of components, custom structures can be made faster, more attractive and more economically than by welding or other traditional fabrication methods.

These guarding system components also allow for design and assembly flexibility.  System Plast can design a custom Valu Guard™ protective enclosure per your drawings specifications or our wide range of components can be purchased directly and assembled on site.  No welding is necessary so on site assembly is fast and easy.

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