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Market: Ship-to-shore and container cranes are continuing to increase in size. This also brings improvements to speeds and load capacities. Market is demanding greater size and capacity.

Jaure offers more than 50 years of experience providing couplings for installation in drum drives of hoisting machinery, cranes, and conveying systems.

Reduced Maintenance: Minimal downtime and importance of safety to make our customers operations safer and more productive.

Jaure makes innovative use of technology in developing the unique feature that allows the user to monitor wear remotely :Electronic Wear Indicator.

Reliablility: Cranes are custom built products, as crane design has to meet individual client technical requirements, specific standards and climatic conditions.

Jaure provides professional technical & service department and market-leading warranty program.

Cranes and Hoists Industry Products

The barrel coupling consists of a sleeve and a hub having same tooth profiles.
Jaure offers the widest range of standard gear couplings with no limit in sizes.
Jaure LAMIDISC® disc couplings provide a reliable transmission of mechanical power from driving to driven machines.
JAUFLEX uses an elastomeric element & provides the required torsional flexibility for a smooth torque transmission. Through the selection of the element type & coupling size, all shocks or torsional vibration at the driven shaft can be avoided.

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