Conveyor Chains

This type of chain is used in the automotive industry in applications where parts are moved around a circuit so people can work on the parts.
Low noise level, low coefficient of friction and low horsepower requirements are the advantages of these chains.
Lines packaging PET bottle packs in heat shrink film, paper board boxes, or cans in heat shrink film can also be fitted with these chains.
Low Back Pressure (LBP) chains are designed to enable positive forward movement of cartons, cases, or shrink wrapped products while also providing the ability for those products to accumulate without physical damage.
Case & crate conveyor chains combine strength and a unique curving radius capability that provides a trouble free conveying surface for plastic cases, crates or other general purpose applications.
The specialty plastic chain comes in 3 forms; Gripper, High Friction, and Magnetic.
Multiflex chains are used for conveying milk cartons in the dairy industry or for elevating or lowering products with the possibility of accumulation
These chains feature high wear resistance, durability, and an excellent surface finish.
These chains feature high wear resistance, exceptional durability and hardness, high tensile strength and an excellent surface finish.
Gripper pads, Magnetic side flexing chains, and High Friction chains