Sealmaster Innovation

1943 - #2,419,691 Zone Hardening
Zone Hardening is a unique heat treat process that hardens the inner race only where it is needed…under the ball path. The zone hardened inner race results in improved lock reliability as a result of less distortion at setscrew location and improved thread conformity resulting in improved clamping and resistance to setscrew back-out.

1945 - #2,441,294 Lock Pin and Dimple
The locking pin and dimple system provides direct lubricant into the bearing cavity & ball path instead of around a lubrication groove, prevents outer ring rotation and allows ±2° static misalignment of the bearing insert.

1945 - #2,525,622 Land Riding Retainer
This unique land riding metal retainer design provides superior pocket clearance that allows for 360° oil circulation around the rolling elements resulting in better retained and utilized lubrication.

1988 - #4,728,202 Skwezloc Locking Collar

1985 - #4,537,519 Skwezloc Locking Collar

1961 - #3,276,828 Skwezloc Locking Collar
Skwezloc is a concentric collar clamp design that results in near-perfect concentricity maintaining near perfect ball path roundness, while reducing fretting corrosion, eliminating the shaft damage of setscrew locking, and minimizing bearing induced vibration for smoother quieter operation.

1992 - #5,121,999 Paver Bearing Shield
The black oxide shield is fixed to the extended inner ring and precision machined to run with a small clearance with the end cap. The shield resists asphalt erosion and helps protect the inner sealing elements.

2004 - #6,817,769 B2 HPS (High Performance Seal)
High performance triple lip contact seal design helps provide multi-directional sealing to minimize contamination ingress and retain lubrication.

2007 - #7,272,618 B1 Smart Interchange
Smart Interchange is an exclusive online tool that provides an intelligent interchange for competitive parts.

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