Jaure Milestones

1958 - Jaure made the first inroads.

1970 - Jaure started as it is known now.

1975 - Jaure starts its first exports in Europe.

1990 - First contact with company Reich-Germany

1993 - Jaure increases its facilities.

1995 - Changement in the shareholders participation: two families remain. Internal crisis that strength the organiozation.

1997 - Changing in layout and organization. Lean, cells, ISO 9001.

2000 - Starts collaboration with Lovejoy (Lamidisc range- License agreement).OEM strategy. Start focus on Marine.

2005 - Jaure is acquired by Power Transmission Solutions worldwide capabilities are enhanced through the ownership of the Jaure® brand.

2006 - Start operation in Ikaztegieta.

2007 - Start the expansion & operations in our plant of Nove Mesto, Slovaquia.

2009 - Start the expansion & operations in our plant of ZhangZhou, China.

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