Jaure Products

Jaure offers the widest range of gear couplings with no limit in sizes and meeting the needs of the highest demanding applications such as iron & marine, steel, lifting, pulp & paper, mining, cement, etc.
This coupling is made up by two discs that get wider towards the coupling’s centre. Also, they have carved slots for the spring or the flexible element. The spring is maintained and protected by a metallic crankcase full of special grease.
Jaure gear spindles are specially designed for mill applications where driving and driven components are necessarily misaligned and where service dictates a changeable amount of misalignment.
Transmits torque through thin scalloped flexible disc pack.
The barrel coupling consists of a sleeve and a hub having same tooth profiles. A series of hardened steel cylindrical barrels are inserted in the holes formed by this hub and sleeves toothing to act as power transmission elements.
No lubrication and virtually no maintenance.
The Jaure COMPOLINK® couplings are the result of combining the best features found in steel disc and elastomeric couplings.
Rigid coupling connects to shafts within a motor or a mechanical system.
Our extensive portfolio of drive shafts can meet the needs of any. Our brand names are recognized worldwide in the market.
When it comes to wind industry, Jaure torque limiters offers more protection, greater strength, more endurance, easy assembly and less maintenance with optimum lifecycle cost.
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