Wind Power Industry Solutions

Extraordinary efficiency, safety, reliability and control for renewable energy and wind technology.

Humans have been harvesting the wind to power pumps and mills for hundreds of years. Today’s wind turbine technology reaches far beyond the mill to deliver clean, sustainable energy for any need, anywhere. Wind is a vital part of the worldwide renewable energy revolution, and Emerson Industrial Automation is bringing unprecedented efficiency, safety, reliability and control to the next generation of this age-old, inexhaustible power source.

With more than 20 years in the field and more than 15,000 products installed to date, SSB Wind Systems supplies the pitch drives and intelligent controls that keep wind turbines operating safely and at maximum efficiency. SSB’s Internet-based monitoring system can detect problems and optimize the performance of wind turbine components anywhere in the world. And virtually anywhere in the world is where you’ll find SSB components at work, thanks to the company’s production, sales and service facilities in Europe, China, Korea and India.

Control Techniques brings additional expertise in motion control to the wind turbine market, and also provides equipment to convert the electrical output of wind turbines into the AC voltages required by commercial power grids. And with a strong presence in the solar energy industry, as well as industrial products designed to conserve energy, Control Techniques exemplifies Emerson Industrial Automation’s total commitment to sustainability.

Many of the world’s wind turbines use Leroy-Somer generators, which are available in induction, synchronous or permanent magnet designs with power ranges up to 5 megawatts. Leroy-Somer also offers pitch control motors for wind turbines, solar tracking and energy conversion systems for photovoltaic panels, and solutions for hydroelectric and tidal power generation.

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SSB Wind Systems Pitch Control Drive
SSB Wind Systems Pitch Drives
AC and DC pitch drives configured to meet the customers size, design and performance parameters.

Leroy-Somer Wind Turbine Alternator
Leroy-Somer Wind Turbine Alternator Wind turbine induction, synchronous or permanent magnet alternators from 600 kW to  5 MW.