Oil and Gas Industry Solutions

Industry-leading solutions for the oil and gas industry’s most demanding environments

No industry has more demanding requirements for safety and reliability than oil and gas production. Hundreds of thousands of employees living and working in virtual cities depend for their lives and livelihoods on equipment that must perform flawlessly under the most extreme conditions of weather, corrosion and volatility. And billions of people depend on those workers to deliver—safely and cleanly—the oil and gas products that fuel business, mobility and comfort.

Safety in Hazardous Locations

Appleton Group is the worldwide leader in electrical products designed for safe and reliable operation under the most severe and hazardous conditions. Appleton Mercmaster™ LED luminaires set a new standard for industrial lighting efficiency and safe operation in classified hazardous locations, while the Mercmaster III Series remains the preferred choice in HID lighting. SolaHD hazardous location transformers and power supplies withstand shock, vibration, temperature extremes and corrosion to deliver reliable power in applications from the wellhead to the refinery. Appleton Group also offers Powertite® plugs and receptacles, EFD factory sealed control stations and switches, explosionproof Reelites® and scores of other electrical products designed to withstand the most severe conditions.

Leroy-Somer provides ATEX-certified, explosionproof, corrosion-resistant motors as well as variable speed drives, generators and other products designed to meet the safety and performance requirements of the oil and gas industry. The company’s solutions can be found in artificial lift systems, floating platforms, refineries, petrochemical plants, gas liquefaction plants and storage facilities. Leroy-Somer also plays an important role in oil and gas transportation equipment—such as compression stations for pipelines and LNG carriers—and the company is registered on the First Point Assessment Ltd. database of pre-qualified suppliers to the industry.

Save Time and Expense

ASCO supplies the pilot valves that control the process valves in the extensive piping systems used throughout the industry. Many natural gas producers are using ASCO valves that operate on half a watt to provide solar and battery operated control for remote wellheads—avoiding the time and expense of sending personnel to thousands of widely scattered locations to do the job manually. Beyond production and distribution of the product itself, ASCO Numatics solutions are used throughout the industry’s many ancillary systems, including pneumatic and hydraulic systems for tooling maintenance, valves for fire suppression systems, water supply and sewage system components, and more.

Control Techniques also offers solutions that can be used to support the living and working requirements of oil and gas producers, such as variable speed drives that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of industrial fans and HVAC systems. When the refined product finally reaches the end user, fuel pumps and filters assembled using Branson Ultrasonics welding technology provide the final processing before the fuel that has traveled so far is converted into useful energy.

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ASCO Valve
0.55 W Lower Power Solenoid Valve

Mercmaster LED
Appleton's superior LED fixture

ATEX certified totally enclosed three-phase motors