Powertite Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles

Versatile Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles for Ordinary Locations.

  • NEC/CEC:
    30, 60, 100, 150, 200 Amp: NEMA 3, 3R, 4, 4X
    400 Amp: NEMA 3, 3R, 4

The Powertite Series uses the versatile pin and sleeve design to provide safe, reliable power for any type of heavy duty equipment, fixed or portable. Available in 30, 60, 100, 150, 200 and 400 Amp designs, these plugs and receptacles are built of triple coated, copperfree aluminum to withstand harsh weather, corrosive atmospheres and rough working conditions.

Safety features include widely spaced contacts recessed within an internal arc snuffing chamber, insulating blocks, positive polarization and a durable neoprene bushing that seals out water and dust. Shell only or shell plus extra pole grounding designs provide safe, “make first, break last” grounding. Both standard and reverse service versions are available, and field conversion between the two is simple using a matching plug and receptacle for most styles. Appleton also offers a nonmetallic plug designed to work with Powertite receptacles.

Designed for easy installation, the Powertite Series is Appleton’s most versatile choice for standard and hazardous locations.*

Powertite® Series Pin and Sleeve Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles Catalog Pages

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  • Motor generator units, welders, pumps, compressors, cellular relay stations and other fixed and portable electrical equipment
  • Shipping docks, ports, hose down environments and any other application that requires NEMA 4X protection
  • Oil platforms and refineries*
  • Any application that requires rugged, weatherproof electrical connections
* Plugs are suitable for Class I and II, Division 1 locations when used with Appleton EBR, EBRH, JBR, MD2SR or DBR explosionproof interlocking receptacles (30, 60, 100 and 150 Amp plugs only)