ATX PRD Flameproof Plugs and Sockets

Flameproof 16, 32, 80 and 125 Amp plugs and sockets for safe, reliable power in hazardous locations.

Appleton’s ATX PRD Series plugs and sockets provide safe, reliable power in hazardous locations and areas exposed to corrosive chemicals, weather or rough use. They are available 16, 32, 80 and 125 Amp versions for powering portable or stationary equipment, such as lighting and heating systems, conveyors, motor starters, air-conditioning appliances, compressors and pumps.

Certifications and Compliances

  • ATEX / IECEx:
    Zone 1 and 2 - 21 and 22
    ex  II 2 GD or II 2 GD
    IP66 or IP55 – IK10


PRD Flameproof Plug Socket Catalog Page

Applications Features Catalog Numbers
  • Plugs and sockets are used with portable or stationary electrical
    equipment such as:
    — Lighting systems
    — Conveyors
    — Heaters
    — Motor generators
    — Air conditioning equipment
    — Compressors
    — Pumps
  • For use in corrosive atmospheres and installations in Zone 1
    and 2 and 21 and 22 of the oil and gas industry such as:
    — Refineries
    — Chemical plants
    — Petrochemical plants
    — Pipelines
    — Loading docks
    — Onshore and offshore drilling platforms


ATX PRD Flameproof Plug Socket