Heavy Duty Plugs and Receptacles

Rugged Plugs and Receptacles for Hazardous and Ordinary Locations.

Appleton manufactures plugs and receptacles engineered for use in the hazardous and industrial locations. They are watertight, resistant to corrosion and vibration, and incorporate the highest quality materials and most innovative safety features.

Appleton offers global connectivity solutions meeting NEC and IEC requirements for all your portable power applications. Whether it is an ordinary, wet, corrosive or hazardous location, wherever your access to power must remain uninterrupted and safe, make sure you install Appleton plugs and receptacles. From the respected Powertite® and U-Line® Series to custom portable power carts built to your specifications, we set the standard for excellence.

Powertite Series Plugs and Receptacles

Designed for easy installation, the Powertite Series is Appleton’s most versatile choice for standard and hazardous locations.
Appleton Group provides a wide selection of rugged, corrosion-resistant plugs and receptacles featuring the most advanced safety features and the highest quality materials and construction and an explosionproof design
Appleton Group's Ordinary Location Plugs and Receptacles include metallic and nonmetallic options, interlocked switched designs, fused and non-fused models, special polarization pin configurations and more
Appleton Plugs and Receptacles Brochure
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Appleton Plugs and Receptacles Brochure
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