General Utility Lights

Appleton Group’s incandescent and fluorescent utility lights include an integral wiring box for easy installation in barns, garages, warehouses, outbuildings. They can be fastened directly to walls, ceilings or structural members without the need for a separate outlet box. They are rugged, corrosion resistant, and the fluorescent version is weatherproof and suitable for use in damp locations or outdoor environments.

Appleton offers McGill enclosed fluorescent utility lights. They come complete with base, wiring box and globe. Their corrosion-resistant design makes them ideal for use in barns, garages, warehouses, and general outdoor use.
Appleton offers McGill incandescent utility lights. They are ideal for food processing plants, barns, garages, warehouses and workshops, low cost, corrosion-resistant, enclosed utility lights, complete with base, wiring box and globe.