Explosionproof Lighting

Explosionproof, Flameproof Lighting

Explosionproof luminaires must meet stringent standards to ensure that a hazardous surrounding atmosphere is never exposed to a temperature hot enough to ignite an explosive gas, and that any internal explosion is not permitted to escape the fixture.

Appleton Group’s solutions incorporate sophisticated heat management systems, flame-tight joints, factory seals and other features for the industry’s safest lighting. We offer a complete selection of fixtures, mounting configurations and lamp styles, and portable lighting with options such as explosionproof photocontrols, test switches, and more.

Appleton Group’s explosionproof, flameproof emergency lighting enables people to exit safely in areas that would otherwise be left without light in the event of a power failure, housed in explosionproof and dust-ignitionproof enclosures
Appleton Group’s explosionproof floodlights include high intensity discharge, high pressure sodium, pulse start metal halide, metal halide, incandescent, halogen models. Available with a range of mounting options, diffusers, guards and accessories
Appleton Group’s explosionproof fluorescent lighting includes energy efficient, long running lighting, compact fluorescent and tube style fixtures in a variety of styles, including 2-lamp and 4-lamp models, portable and emergency systems
Appleton Group’s explosionproof HID luminaires are available in complete range of wattages and voltages in high pressure sodium, pulse start metal halide and metal halide. Efficient lighting for areas exposed to hazardous vapors, gases or dusts
Appleton Group’s explosionproof incandescent luminaires provide safe lighting in locations exposed to hazardous atmospheres and dusts, as well as reliable operation in dirty, damp and corrosive locations
Appleon Group’s explosionproof induction lighting systems are among the most energy efficient of lighting technologies providing up 100,000 hours of operation, ideal for locations where relamping is difficult and reliability is critical
Appleton explosionproof LED luminaires provide long life, excellent color rendering, safe operation in high ambient temperatures, while consuming less than half the power in an environmentally friendly package.
Appleton Group’s explosionproof photocontrols for automatic dusk to dawn control of lighting in outdoor hazardous locations, available factory installed in the luminaire, remotely mounted, or as a self contained unit for field installation
Appleton Group’s explosionproof portable lighting includes a wide selection of flashlights, handlamps, portable floodlights and lanterns with explosionproof and increased safety designs for use in locations exposed to hazardous gases or vapors
Appleton Group’s explosionproof visual signal lighting includes static and rotating beacons, strobes, encasements and other signal lights in a wide choice of types, styles and colors
Appleton Group’s increased safety, flameproof luminaires are available in a variety of compact, low profile designs that provide safe, efficient lighting for emergency exits and confined areas