The Trusted Name in Rugged, Dependable and Safe Lighting Products.

Hazardous locations. Corrosive elements. Combustible dusts. Flammable gases and vapors. For proper illumination in extreme conditions, you need a company that pushes safety to the extreme. Appleton Group has expanded the boundaries of technology, efficiency and performance to ensure your lights stays on, because failure is not an option.

We provide HID, induction, fluorescent and incandescent luminaires indoors and outdoors, hazardous and corrosive locations, onshore and offshore, from flood and area lights to the portable handlamps and inspection lights. Appleton Group's range of lighting products include explosion and flameproof, enclosed and gasketed, industrial lighting, emergency lighting, high bay and low bay, outdoor area lighting and fixture hangers. We are the leader in bright, highly efficient LED luminaires that represent the next generation in commercial and industrial lighting.

Appleton Group manufactures enclosed and gasketed lighting for applications for use virtually anywhere that weather, corrosion or hazardous vapors and dusts can be a problem
Appleton Group’s explosionproof light solutions incorporate sophisticated heat management systems, flame-tight joints, factory seals and other features for the industry’s safest lighting. We offer a complete selection to suit all your needs
Appleton fixture hangers are available in rigid, ball type swinging and cushion type styles, for fluorescent, incandescent or HID lighting, in ordinary or hazardous locations
Appleton’s fluorescent luminaires offer many benefits including energy efficiency, accurate color rendering, the ability to start and provide high output in cold weather, and their adaptability to a wide variety of lighting needs.
Whatever your needs, Appleton Group provides the right lighting choices: high and low bay luminaires, floodlights, architectural lighting complete with poles and mounting hardware, extension lights, inspection lights and more
Appleton’s energy efficient induction luminaires are ideal for hazardous and adverse locations where access for relamping is difficult and reliability is essential
Appleton offers labels for their emergency lighting units.
Appleton's offers photocontrols for automatic dusk to dawn control of lighting in outdoor locations. They are available installed in the luminaire, remotely mounted, or as a self contained unit for field installation.
Appleton provides flashlights and handlamps with explosionproof, Flameproof or Increased Safety designs for use in locations exposed to hazardous gases or vapors.
Appleton’s Visual Signal Lighting provides energy efficient, low intensity, warning and communication, for use in NEC, CEC, ATEC and IEC governed locations.


Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaires

Lighting Planning Software Appleton’s lighting catalog plug-in is now available! Download it here.

The plug-in offers the choice of using the IES files with the DIALux software platform (download DIALux 4.12) or exporting the IES files for use in other programs.

Appleton IES Files
Appleton IES Files
Download Appleton's photometric data files here
Appleton IES Files
Appleton-ATX IES Files

Appleton-ATX IES Files
Download Appleton-ATX photometric data files here

Appleton-ATX IES Files