IEC Zone 2 Kits

Nelson Heat Trace GHK-M25 Connection Kit, M25 Threaded Cable Gland and Terminations for Watertight Entry into Enclosure with Minimum IP54 Rating
Nelson Heat Trace HES end seal and HCSK power end and end seal termination kits are for field fabricated heating cables
Nelson Heat Trace HSK-85 In-Line Splice Kit, Splice Connectors and Shrink Tubes. ATEX and CSA Approved, HSK-85 kit connects two heating cables together in an in-line configuration. The kit can be used with all types of LT heating cables.
Nelson Heat Trace LPK-LM insulation entry kits are designed for use with LT-J, LT-JT and HLT-J heating cables to provide watertight heating cable entry through the thermal insulation and lagging systems
Nelson Heat Trace