SR Trace Heating Cables

Commercial Grade Freeze Protection for Water Supply and Drain Pipes, Roofs and Gutters. Process Temperature Maintenance for Piped Liquids. Self-Regulating, Cut-to-Length.

For contractors who need a commercial grade solution for preventing frozen pipes or ice damming of roofs and gutters, SR Trace® provides cut-to-length waterproof protection. SR Trace cables protect both pipes and roofs from cold weather problems with one versatile product.

SR Trace is a self-regulating heating cable that automatically varies heat output according to changes in the surrounding temperature. Normally installed in commercial applications, SR Trace helps provide maximum freeze protection for pipes and vessels in ambient temperatures down to –40°C/–40°F. Use SR Trace cables to prevent water pipes from freezing, to maintain liquids in pipes at a constant temperature or maintain constant viscosity and flow. SR Trace cables can be overlapped, minimizing the risk of damaging temperature sensitive roof coatings.

SR Trace can be installed in dry or wet environments and are available in power densities of 3, 5 and 8 watts per foot at 10°C/50°F for both 120 Vac and 240 Vac applications. 240 Vac cables can also be used in 208 Vac or 277 Vac applications. SR Trace cables are UL Listed to US and Canadian Safety Standards and CSA Certified.


SR Trace Heating Cables Catalog Pages

Applications Catalog Numbers Product Downloads
  • Commercial metal or plastic water supply and drain pipes vulnerable to freezing
  • Commercial roofs and gutters prone to ice-damming and dangerous icicles
  • Downspouts that freeze and clog
  • Liquids piped during processing that require constant temperatures

SR Trace Heating Cables ​​