Form 7 Iron Conduit Bodies, Covers and Gaskets

For Rigid Conduit and IMC. Types LB, T, LL, LR, TB, TA, X, C, L, E.

O-Z/Gedney Form 7 conduit bodies, covers and gaskets provide access to conductors for pulling, splicing, maintenance, and future changes and upgrades. They allow connection of straight conduit runs, branch conduit runs and 90° bends.

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  • Serve as pulling fittings
  • Make bends in conduit system
  • Provide openings for splicing
  • Connect and change direction of conduit runs
  • Allow connections for branch runs
  • Permit access to conductors for maintenance

O-Z Gedney

Form 7 Iron Conduit Bodies, Covers and Gaskets


O-Z Gedney Form-in-Place Flyer

O-Z/Gedney Form-in-Place Flyer