NEC, CEC Weatherproof/Dustproof

Appleton Group NEC and CEC junction, outlet and sidewalk boxes provide a range of solutions for weatherproof and dustproof requirements. With products available in cast iron, aluminum and polycarbonate, you are sure to find a solution to your infrastructures needs.

Appleton's BJE Series octagonal polycarbonate junction boxes are small terminal junction box enclosures for various electrical connections in hazardous areas and designed for use where flammable gases or vapors are present
O-Z/Gedney Class 681 bus boxes are available in a number of sizes and arrangements to provide a means of tapping a feeder circuit through the use of bus and lug assemblies
Appleton DTX Series junction boxes are specially designed and constructed for hazardous locations where ignitable dusts, fibers or flyings are present
O-Z/Gedney's IG Class 650 aluminum junction boxes are used to house instruments, controllers or control stations and used as junction or terminal boxes
Appleton's W Series and O-Z/Gedney's Y Series cast junction boxes are general purpose enclosures suitable for a variety of applications including indoors or outdoors, raintight or watertigt
O-Z/Gedney YG and YG-A cast iron and cast aluminum junction boxes are specially designed for watertight and dust tight applications in NEC classified hazardous locations