Enclosures and Junction Boxes

Junction Boxes for Ordinary and Hazardous Locations

When one spark makes the difference between a normal day and a big problem, Appleton enclosures are an absolute necessity. Designed to fully contain and confine an explosive force within the enclosure, they are strong enough to withstand the effects of corrosion and time.

We offer a complete line of hazardous location conduit outlet boxes, armored and unarmored cable junction boxes and enclosures, explosionproof junction boxes and ordinary location junction boxes. Whatever your wiring requirements, whatever approvals and certifications you need, whatever corrosive conditions or extremes of weather your electrical system is exposed to, Appleton Group has the enclosures and junction boxes you need.

Appleton Group’s hazardous location enclosures and junction boxes are for use in industrial locations where safety and productivity depends on ironclad protection against hazardous atmospheres and dusts, corrosive conditions and adverse weather
Appleton Group’s ordinary location junction boxes are available for surface mounting or for flush mounting in sidewalks, roadways, walls, bridge abutments or other structures. Raintight, watertight and submersible boxes are available