Distribution Equipment

Distribution Equipment for Every Industrial Requirement.

Distributing power with total safety is our goal, which has defined our products for generations. Your customers and employees deserve this ongoing commitment to safety. The durability of Appleton Group products coupled with the ease of installation provides low installation costs today and minimal maintenance costs in the future.

Whether you’re looking for a hazardous location disconnect switch, circuit breaker, panelboard or a custom switchrack, we have solutions featuring the construction type, materials, certifications and options you need. Many models are rated for use in Class I, Division 1 and Zone 1 locations exposed to Group B and IIB + H2 gases (hydrogen). At any size or capacity, our hazardous location distribution equipment is renowned for durability, corrosion-resistance, safety and ease of installation.

Appleton Group offers hazardous location distribution equipment such as switches, circuit breakers and panelboards for industrial requirements. Corrosion-resistant metallic and non-metallic models are available for use in the harshest atmospheres


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 Quick Response Program Brochure

Quick Response Program Brochure