STC-DRS Series Surge Protective Devices

DIN Rail Mounted Protection for Low Voltage Data Lines.

The STC-DRS Series is a DIN rail mounted, single pair surge protection module featuring three stage hybrid technology. Gas tubes and silicon avalanche components protect equipment from overvoltage transients, while sneak currents are mitigated with resettable fuses (PTCs). These fuses are designed to increase resistance by several orders of magnitude when an over-current exceeds safe levels, automatically resuming normal operation when the over-current is removed. This self-restore capability significantly increases performance and survivability, with no need to open the cabinet to reset a circuit breaker or replace a fuse.

The STC-DRS Series mounts on a standard 35 mm industrial DIN rail, providing three field side and three electronics side screw terminals. One pair of terminals is reserved for a shield. Three electrically tied ground terminals are provided for grounding the unit to building approved ground. The shield is isolated from ground.

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  • Indoor communication loop circuits that have been isolated from the Public Switch Telephone Network
  • Industrial control systems
  • Factory automation


STC-DRS Series DIN Rail Protection

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