4Q-TG Insulated Throat Galvanized

For use with liquidtight flexible metal conduit.
For use in severe industrial and environmental atmospheres
  • Suitable for use in the following hazardous locations:
    • Class I, Division 2
    • Class I, Zone 2
    • Class II, Division 1
    • Class II, Division 2
    • Class III, Division 1
    • Class III, Division 2

These O-Z/Gedney fittings are used with liquidtight flexible metal conduit to provide a dependable connection and are suitable for use in locations exposed to highly corrosive fumes and liquids. They are available in straight, 45° and 90° versions.

4Q-TG Galvanized with Insulated Throat Liquidtight Fittings Catalog Page

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  • Used to secure, ground and seal liquidtight flexible metal conduit, Type LFMC, to boxes and enclosures
  • Insulated throat to protect against wire damage
  • Mechanical galvanizing (sizes up to 4" straight and 2" angled) and hot dip galvanizing (larger sizes) provides heavy zinc coating for superior corrosion resistance

O-Z gedney

4Q-TG Liquidtight Fittings, Hot Dip - Mechanically Galvanized with Insulated Throat


Appleton St Liquidtight FMC Connectors Brochure

Appleton St Liquidtight FMC Connectors Brochure

O-Z/Gedney 4Q Liquidtight FMC Connectors Brochure

O-Z/Gedney 4Q Liquidtight FMC Connectors Brochure