Commercial Fittings

Commercial Fittings

Whether the project uses rigid metal conduit, IMC, EMT or liquidtight flexible metal conduit, Appleton Group has the fittings required for a first-rate first rate job. From the service entry cap to the panel, branch circuits to boxes, we provide the conduit bodies, connectors, bushings, supports and other products it takes to get the work done – fast and right.

Appleton Group’s conduit bodies for rigid conduit and IMC offer threaded and set screw type conduit bodies for pulling, splicing and maintaining wires installed in rigid conduit or IMC and all feature a durable epoxy powder coat finish
Appleton Group’s cord and cable fittings are easy to install cord and cable fittings, straps and clamps, all built with the rugged reliability needed to relieve the stresses and strains concentrated at these termination points
Appleton Group’s Fittings for electrical metallic tubing - EMT are available in both steel and zinc, using either a compression or setscrew set screw design. UL Listed raintight steel compression connectors and couplings are also available
Appleton Group’s liquidtight conduit fittings provide safe electrical service in areas exposed to weather, water, oil, dirt and other contaminants and a full line of connectors, hubs and accessories for use with liquidtight flexible metal conduit
Appleton Group’s miscellaneous fittings include NEER duct sealing compound, anti-short bushings, cable staples, safety plates, switch box supports and knockout seals that provide the finishing touches for a safe and reliable electrical installation
Appleton Group’s rigid and IMC fittings are threaded and threadless, insulated or noninsulated, watertight or general purpose conduit fittings with straps and accessories available in all sizes and configurations
Appleton Group’s rigid, IMC and EMT clamps and hangers offer basic U-bolts and straps and innovative pipe hangers designed to simplify installation and lower inventories by handling more sizes of conduit with fewer clamps
Appleton Group’s service entrance fittings range from service entrance caps and straps to flashings, connectors, wire holders, pulling ells, everything the contractor needs to bring electricity into the building while keeping the weather out

NEER all-in-one Conduit Bodies Brochure

NEER All-IN-One Conduit Bodies Brochure

Appleton ST Liquidtight FMC Connectors Brochure

Appleton ST Liquidtight Connectors Brochure

O-Z/Gedney 4q Liquidtight FMC Connectors Brochure

O-Z/Gedney 4Q Liquidtight FMC Connectors Brochure