Electrical Products for Any Application, Anywhere.

Appleton Group provides the most innovative, reliable and durable electrical products for any need, from residential wiring to heavy duty equipment designed for the most hazardous, corrosive and weather-exposed conditions. We have built a complete electrical manufacturing and supply business that brings together the world’s best-known brands: Appleton, EasyHeat, McGill, Nelson, Nutsteel, O-Z/Gedney and SolaHD.

We offer products with the operating and safety features you need, the materials your working environment calls for, and the certifications your local and national laws require.

Heating cable systems for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications, such as floor warming, hot water maintenance and tank heating.
Appleton Group offers a complete selection of fittings in a variety of materials and styles for hazardous and ordinary locations. They include conduit bodies, outlet boxes, device boxes, cable glands and other fittings
Appleton Group provides HID, induction, fluorescent and incandescent luminaires indoors and outdoors, hazardous and corrosive locations, onshore and offshore, from flood and area lights to the portable handlamps and inspection lights
Appleton Group’s SolaHD Control Power Solutions provide industrial-grade power supplies, transformers and power quality products to power your equipment, protect it from damage and keep your operations up and running
Appleton Group’s commercial products range from NEER fittings for the service entrance to our industry standard switch and outlet boxes and provide parts you need to build, maintain and expand a top quality electrical infrastructure
Appleton Group offers a variety of cord reels, extension cords, motor safety controls, electrical plug lockout enclosures, signaling horns, indicator lights and switches
Whether it is an ordinary, wet, corrosive or hazardous location, wherever your access to power must remain uninterrupted and safe, Appleton Group’s plugs and receptacles incorporate the highest quality materials and most innovative safety features.
Appleton Group offers a complete line of ATEX, IEC, IECEx, NEC and/or CEC hazardous, explosionproof and ordinary location conduit outlet boxes, armored and unarmored cable junction boxes and enclosures, junction boxes.
Whether you are looking for a hazardous location disconnect switch, circuit breaker, panelboard or a custom switchrack, Appleton Group has the solutions featuring the construction type, materials, certifications and options you need.
Appleton Group has the enclosures and control devices for both hazardous and ordinary locations. Available with the materials, footprint and certifications to satisfy your particular installation requirements.
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