McGill String-O-Lights Help Squeeze Extra Working Hours from Shortened Fall Days

ROSEMONT, IL, September 28, 2009 --  Daylight Savings Time reverts back to standard time on November 1st. For electricians, construction contractors and maintenance personnel this "fall back" calls for the expanded use of temporary and portable lighting products.
One proven solution is the popular
String-O-Lights™ line from McGill. This system helps contractors squeeze more productivity out of shorter hours by delivering the performance they need most - bright, efficient lighting that travels easily from one job site to the next, and that can withstand the punishment of demanding environments. 

String-O-Lights come fully assembled and ready for use.  Each package contains five or ten socket-and-cage units on 50- to 200-foot lengths of cable. To assure fast installation, as well as hassle-free relamping, they feature a patented cage design that snaps open and closed without the need for tools.  Unlike conventional cage designs, the McGill cages are fastened to non-corrosive sockets, so they're truly weather resistant.  The brass sockets are enclosed in molded PVC.

Exclusive advantages and patented features make McGill String-O-Lights a convenient, economical solution to the challenges of temporary lighting.

McGill String-O-Lights meet all applicable OSHA, UL and NEC requirements. A special version has been introduced to meet the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  To fulfill these conditions, the Canadian String-O-Light version utilizes 600 volt, extra-hard usage STW cord.


McGill String-O-Lights

McGill String-O-Lights