Nelson CM-1 Heat Trace Monitoring System Warns Production Staff of Impending Circuit Failures

Microprocessor-based system continually monitors heat tracing cables to lower maintenance costs by up to 70%.

Heat trace cables are ideal in maintaining fluid flow under low ambient conditions, such as in the processing of lube oil, hot water, product pipelines and dust suppression systems. However, heat trace cables are subject to costly failures if just one of the electrical circuits serving them shuts down. The result is expensive production downtime throughout a plant.

To combat this problem, Nelson offers its CM-1 heat trade monitoring system, the only patented heat trace system that automatically monitors heater cables 24 hours a day without requiring periodic observation by staff, reducing maintenance cost by up to 70 percent. The CM-1 monitors every circuit in the heat trace system across a range of critical functions including:

  • Indicating status (on/off) of temperature controller and heater function;
  • Detecting breaks in electrical continuity;
  • Warning if current flow has fallen below a set point;
  • Sensing if supply voltage is lost due to a circuit breaker tripping.

The CM-1's microprocessor-based scanner eliminates the need for a monitor wire or end-of-circuit lights. A single unit can monitor all heat trace cable types -- self-regulating, series, or constant wattage. Individual CM-1 systems throughout a facility can be connected to a central PC running RS-485 host communications software. When used in conjunction with ground fault branch breakers, the CM-1 also serves as an automatic alarm system for any ground fault condition.

The CM-1 is mounted in an environmentally hardened NEMA 4 or 4X enclosure that can be conveniently wall or rack mounted. It is available in configurations up to 48 circuits. All standard versions are ready for installation in Division 2 hazardous locations.

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CM-1 Heater Cable Monitoring System

CM-1 Heater Cable Monitoring System