Foundries and mills are the very definition of extreme environments. High temperatures and rugged manufacturing conditions require products that can withstand these uniquely adverse conditions.

Appleton Powertite® plugs and receptacles offer rugged construction and a wide range of amperages, from 20 to 400 Amps, making it ideal for use in foundries and mills. Delivering safe, reliable power to stationary and portable equipment when and where it is needed.

In an environment where impulses, swells, sags and other forms of dirty power are common, MCR power conditioners protect equipment from damage and malfunction, with a capacity up to 15,000 VA. CVS power conditioners provide even tighter voltage regulation to protect PLCs from damage that could lead to expensive downtime.

Because good lighting is essential to productivity and safety, Mercmaster III HID luminaires provide an extensive range of lighting options with corrosion-resistant materials, rugged construction and beam patterns to suit any lighting requirement.

Appleton Group supplies scores of other electrical and lighting solutions to meet the extreme demands of the metals industry.