Machine Tools

When you make the machines that make the building blocks of industry, entire trades depend on your ability to deliver the highest standards of reliability, durability and consistency, year after year. Appleton Group adheres to these same high standards, and that’s why so many machine tool builders rely on our products.

It all starts with reliable, clean power. SolaHD SDN-P™ DIN Rail, SDN-C™ compact DIN Rail and SDN DeviceNet™ DIN Rail power supplies provide industry leading performance, with sag immunity, transient suppression and noise tolerance to handle the most demanding applications. With a wide operational temperature range and a rugged, shock and vibration resistant design, these power supplies are ideal for the challenging conditions of the machine tool industry.

The SolaHD SBE Series, International Series and HSZ Series industrial control transformers provide a rugged, encapsulated design to protect against harsh environments, along with a wide range of voltages, low temperature rise designs, NEMA 4X enclosures and other options to meet any need.

For SCR (Silicon Control Rectifier) variable speed motor drive applications, Appleton Group offers drive isolation transformers from 7.5 to 440 kVA that magnetically isolate the incoming line from the motor drive. These transformers are specifically designed to handle the mechanical stresses, voltage demands and harmonics associated with SCR applications, protecting manufacturing equipment and helping ensure the quality of finished products.

The machine tool industry has exacting requirements for portable power, hosedown applications and equipment interchangeability. Appleton Group offers solutions to meet all these requirements, such as liquidtight strain relief cord and cable connectors, U-Line® and Powertite® receptacles and plugs, and hundreds of other innovative products.