Life Sciences Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the chemical and biological substances used in life sciences must meet the highest standards of purity and safety. But the processes and materials used in making these products aren’t inherently pure and safe. On the contrary, corrosive and hazardous conditions are common, and frequent washdowns are often necessary to prevent contamination. Appleton Group supplies products designed to serve the wide-ranging electrical requirements of these industries, while ensuring safe, reliable performance in the most challenging environments.

Appleton U-Line® plugs are available in copperfree aluminum or the nonmetallic U-Line NCP version for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Both can be interlocked with U-Line receptacles to contain arcing and prevent plug removal under load in hazardous locations. They also mate with standard receptacles in non-hazardous locations for complete flexibility in powering portable equipment.

For controlling motors and other equipment, Unicode® 2 Series control stations and switches are available in corrosion-resistant materials, including 316L stainless steel, aluminum and nonmetallic versions. A wide selection of push buttons, actuators, pilot lights, contact blocks, switches and ammeters are available, along with factory sealed, pre-drilled and customized enclosure options.

Industrial class uninterruptible power supplies such as the S4K4U and S4K5U international series protect against process failure and allow for orderly shutdown in the event of a power failure. MCR power conditioners guard against power sags, spikes and other electrical quality problems that can damage equipment and affect product quality.

Power distribution products such as explosionproof SJB Series junction boxes and increased safety JBES Series pre-drilled boxes are built of natural finish 316L stainless steel – perfect for protecting electrical devices in areas subject to frequent washdown.

Appleton is the leading supplier of industrial lighting for every need and location. Examples include the enclosed and gasketed Mercmaster® III Low Profile Series, the energy efficient Mercmaster LED Series and the RE Series of recessed fluorescent luminaires for clean room environments.

These are just a few of the hundreds of products Appleton Group offers to ensure safety and reliability wherever electricity is used.