The food industry is vast, diverse and demanding. Manufacturing lines are often exposed to corrosive environments, washdowns, frequent reconfigurations and other conditions that can quickly destroy ordinary equipment. That’s why you need extraordinary solutions.

It all begins with clean, safe power. The SolaHD line includes power supplies, transformers, uninterruptible power systems and power quality solutions that can be found throughout the food industry, from the smallest cheesemaker to the largest cereal packager.

Natural finish, corrosion resistant power distribution products such as the SJB and JBES Series of stainless steel junction boxes and FM9 copperfree aluminum conduit bodies are ideal choices wherever washdowns are frequent and hygiene is paramount. Appleton’s Powertite® Series and ASR nonmetallic switched receptacles also offer outstanding corrosion resistance, along with plug-and-play simplicity and foolproof safety for portable food processing equipment.

No factory can operate without safe and effective lighting. Appleton sets the standard for industrial lighting, from Mercmaster™ III HID luminaires to the next generation Mercmaster LED Series. With a wide selection of styles designed for wet, corrosive and hazardous environments, there’s an Appleton luminaire to suit the lighting needs of any food production and packaging operation.

These are just a few examples of products Appleton Group offers to suit the food industry’s most demanding requirements.