Commercial and Industrial Construction

As long as the elevators, HVAC and lighting keep working, people rarely give a thought to the massive, complex electrical infrastructure that serves nearly every building system. Electrical engineers and contractors, of course, think of little else. Fortunately, there’s one less thing to think about when you can get the best designed and most reliable industrial electrical products available, all from a single supplier—Appleton Group.

From NEER service entrance caps, to O‑Z/Gedney cable supports, to Appleton Form 7 Unilet® conduit outlet bodies, to NEER gland compression connectors and couplings for EMT, Appleton Group offers all the products you need to deliver electrical power throughout the building—service entrance to point of use. But these familiar products are only the beginning. Innovative solutions such as NEER all-in-one conduit bodies and SCC Series Bolt-On™ couplings are designed to simplify and speed even the most challenging installations, where space and layout limitations would otherwise require extensive custom work.

Building codes and the sheer scale of most commercial and industrial construction projects require highly specialized solutions. For example, the Nelson Firestop MCT cable transit system provides protection from fire, smoke, water and blast pressures at the point where cables and pipes penetrate building walls and floors. O‑Z/Gedney’s DX Series deflection/expansion fittings are designed to compensate for any movement between two connected conduit ends, whether caused by temperature changes, settling or the stresses and vibrations caused by vehicular traffic. And speaking of traffic, the O‑Z/Gedney Y Series includes a complete selection of cast junction boxes for installation in sidewalks, roadways, bridge structures and other locations subject to extreme loading in all kinds of weather.

For lighting and electrifying the construction site itself, look to convenient, portable solutions such as McGill String-O-Lights, McGill HID temporary lighting, 7000 Series extension lights and Appleton Powertite® plugs, connectors and receptacles. These products and many more provide the rugged reliability needed to keep crews productive under any working conditions. It’s all part of Appleton Group's goal to be the one company engineers and builders turn to for all their electrical and lighting needs.