Beginning with the earliest brewers and vintners, successful beverage manufacturing has relied on dependable quality and delivery of the product. Thousands of years later, the same requirements apply – although the variety of beverages is now virtually unlimited, consumers are much more demanding in their expectations, and markets have expanded beyond the local community to encompass the world.

Production quality begins with a hygienic environment. Mercmaster™ III HID luminaires provide efficient factory lighting in a wide selection of fixtures designed to withstand the corrosive chemicals and washdown schedules that keep the production environment clean and safe. Features like copperfree aluminum materials, epoxy powder coat finish, enclosed and gasketed construction, and shatter resistant globes make lighting products from Appleton Group ideal for beverage manufacturing and bottling.

Filling machines, conveyors, controls and other equipment are also subject to extreme corrosion and washdown conditions. That means power supply, quality and distribution systems must all be built to withstand harsh and wet conditions. SolaHD power supplies, transformers, uninterruptible power systems and power quality solutions are all available in models to keep sensitive automation equipment operating reliably under demanding conditions.

Stainless steel, copperfree aluminum and nonmetallic materials are the preferred choice for electrical distribution equipment in wet and corrosive locations. Product like SJB and JBES stainless steel junction boxes, FM9 conduit bodies, ASR interlocked receptacles and the Powertite® Series all help maintain the productivity of equipment, the safety of workers, and the quality of the final product.

That is just a small sampling of the products from Appleton Group that are helping beverage makers and bottlers deliver refreshment to consumers worldwide.